Panworld Education has become the leader in the region in providing 360-degree learning and educational solutions. Our comprehensive educational solutions provide a learning environment that is not only engaging but also fun. At the same time, we provide in-depth knowledge of the subject through analytical reasoning and detailed explanation.

We offer highly effective modules that enable mastery of core concepts and skills. This outstanding content spans from Kindergarten through High School, including Special Needs Education Centers. We ensure that no child gets left behind when it comes to learning and understanding.

We offer products that are an amalgamation of traditional teaching methods like Print Books and modern teaching techniques utilizing digital media. Our digital offerings include curriculum-integrated & enrichment digital content, gamification platforms, language learning, content distribution and management.

Panworld Education offers the very latest in technology. Our digital learning platforms are compliant with the latest trends in the education and learning industry. We provide a variety of highly-flexible, open digital platforms. These are designed for students as well as instructors. They can assist in unifying school and student data, curriculum materials, and teaching tools across K-12.

The main objective of these platforms is to enrich and enhance the classroom experience. Our digital content is designed for interactive learning modules which turn a lesson into a fun exercise that involves the students mentally and draws them in. It helps teachers teach better and students learn better through engagement and enjoyment.

We offer platforms that allow teachers to customize and plan their own course digitally. These are supplemented with quizzes and question papers that are reusable.

Your need may be something as simple as a digital media library. On the other hand, it might be as complex as transitioning classrooms to a 21st century environment. Whatever your needs, we offer you a continuum of solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our Product Range for K-12

  • Lower Primary Curriculum
  • Project Based Learning for Lower Primary
  • Mobile Comprehensive Curriculum for Upper Primary, Lower and Upper Secondary
  • Mobile Maths and Science for Upper Primary, Lower and Upper Secondary
  • English Play Box for Pre-School
  • Core Curriculum for English for Lower & Upper Primary, and Lower & Upper Secondary
  • Britannica School
  • Britannica ImageQuest
  • Britannica Launchpacks
  • Britannica Original Sources
  • Connecting People Through News.
  • PressReader connects you to the world’s best newspapers and magazines to millions of readers the way they want to receive them — in print, online, or on their mobile device, tablet or eReader — wherever they live, travel, work or play.
  • Bespoke 2D / 3D content development in HTML5
  • SCORM formats
  • Learning Management System
  • Virtual Learning Environment
  • Pronunciation Tools
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Text and Reference books fulfillment across all key subjects via our global publisher partnerships.

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