Panworld Education Is The Exhibitor Partner At Kingdom Education Innovation 2017

Sharjah, UAE – Kingdom Education Innovation 2017 Summit is an important event in the world of education. At this event, the future of teaching and learning in the MENA region will be envisaged. Panworld Education will be making its presence felt here as the Exhibitor Partner for the summit.

Mr Gaurav Parwanda, Founder and Director of Panworld Education, is quite excited about this event. “We consider ourselves one of the most reliable content providers for education. Part of our responsibility includes staying on top of education reforms and developments. Taking part in such events is one of the best ways of doing it.”

“Anyone involved in any aspect of education knows that learning is at the core of teaching”, he continued. “As content providers, we need to learn what is new, not just content-wise but also technology-wise and policy-wise. Similarly, policymakers need to know what is available in technology and content.”

The summit will be hosting some of the biggest names in the education sector. These will include several representatives of the Ministries of Education from various countries. Faculties from Universities and Schools including ICT professionals, Curriculum Leaders, Chief Academicians are also expected.

The key topics that will be discussed at the summit are going to be Global trends and challenges in Education, Teaching & Learning in 21st century, Next-Gen Education Systems, and Impact of Globalization-Localization strategy.

The event will also discuss trends in education world-wide, a critical appraisal of higher education, next generation mobility, and digitalization discussions. In short, the ways and means to improve the quality and methods of imparting education will be decided.

The Kingdom Education Summit is a prime venue for a mutual interchange of ideas. The seminar will provide insights into the needs of the education industry through panel discussions. Panworld Education will showcase their Technological, Digital, and Print offerings for the Education Sector.

As Mr Parwanda explained, “We are not just passive suppliers. We like to take an active part in the world of education”.

Panworld Education prides itself on being the leaders in the world of educational solution providers. They offer high quality learning material in form of printed books and interactive digital content for Higher Education and K-12 sector. They also provide technology based solutions like Learning Management System, Online Library Platform and Digitization tools.

At the summit, Panworld Education will be showcasing its wide range of products. Their business partners include names like Encyclopaedia Britannica, Young Digital Planet, Press Reader, Vital Source, IET Digital Library, and many more.

“This summit is a two-way exchange street for us. We learn what the education sector is heading towards and we ensure we can give it to them. We also keep them informed on what is already available”, Mr Parwanda explained.

Panworld Education is a company that works closely with its clients to provide quality tools and material for imparting education. Its clients range from Ministries of Education, Government Education bodies, Universities, Large School Chains and Corporations. The products the company offers can be customized as per the specific needs of the client.

As the Exhibitor Partner at the Kingdom Education Innovation 2017 summit, Panworld Education is demonstrating the important role it plays. As Mr Parwanda says, they are an integral part of the process, not just passive bystanders.

About Panworld Education

Panworld Education, headquartered in United Arab Emirates (UAE), is one of the leading providers of content & technology solutions to the K-12, Higher Education, Governments & Ministries and Corporate sectors, across Middle East & Africa. The company offers complete end to end education solutions. Headed by Directors Gaurav Parwanda, Chetan Sehgal, and Raghavendra Manbol, the company is rapidly making a name for itself as the foremost educational content provider.