Panworld Education is a company that provides education solutions designed to facilitate the evolution of learning and teaching into the next generation. For over a decade, we have been consistently demonstrating our passion and commitment to the world of education. We have done so by providing quality services that have inspired students in every age group.

We strive to transform classrooms with our state-of-the-art teaching aids and infrastructure solutions. We empower teachers with high-quality, dynamic content. We captivate and engage students with our interactive and custom-designed course material.

Our content extends from K-12 to Higher Education and from Corporations to Governments & Ministries, not to mention numerous other sectors of the education industry. Our course material is not just limited to general educational needs. We also provide content and tools for children with special needs such as the Tomatis Training Program.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, we partner with a league of solution providers and OEMs to bring la crème de la crème of technologies and products to the Middle East and North African region.

We believe in providing a balance of traditional learning tools and technology-aided education. Panworld Education has been providing paper books for learning across the region. We provide end-to-end services, starting from the very first stage i.e. procurement to the final stage i.e. fulfillment and empowerment. Between these two ends of the spectrum, we also handle other stages such as warehousing, distribution, and reporting.

We also have a wide range of digital learning aids available. As a result, our repertoire is not just limited to e-Learning and Library & Learning Resources. We also offer Laboratories based on Web e-Learning Platforms and Portals, Course Content, and Information Resources.

In addition to tools for schools and colleges, we offer Professional Education Solutions, Continuous Education, Technical Training, Soft Skills Training, Skill Based Education, and Consultancy Services. We are proud to say we provide training and learning tools for every age and educational requirements.

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