Panworld Education is not just about providing a service. We believe strongly that education is more than just books. This is why we want to be a part of the process rather than just the supply chain. To this end, we like to work closely with Ministries of Education of the countries we operate in.

While we aren’t involved in policy decisions, we do play our part when it comes to addressing the complete education ecosystem. We understand the requirements and tailor our services to meet them. Our role is to understand what the needs of the schools and educational institutions are and to help them with the implementation.

We offer complete and comprehensive solutions for Higher Education and K-12 Schools. These include print books, textbooks and reference books, from all major publishers. Our digital content covers everything from e-books, curriculum content, supplementary content, journals and other reference material.

We offer technology to cover every aspect of education. Our packages include Learning Management Systems, School Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Virtual Learning Environment, Mobile Platforms, and Digital Library Platforms. We make it possible for schools and institutions of higher education to implement any education policy with our tools.

In addition, we also offer content and technology for special education needs. We have solutions for students with learning disabilities, hearing and speech disabilities, and much more. Further, we offer compliance directories.
To put it briefly, we provide education ministries the tools they require to create a healthy and productive educational ecosystem. We give them the option of all manners of content and technology. They are then free to accept our products as a complete package or pick and choose as per their needs.

The products we offer in addition to printed books, reference books, and journals are listed below.

  • Lower Primary Curriculum.
  • Project Based Learning for Lower Primary.
  • Mobile Comprehensive Curriculum for Upper Primary,Lower and Upper Secondary.
  • Mobile Maths and Science for Upper Primary,Lower and Upper Secondary.
  • English Play Box for Pre-School
  • Core Curriculum for English for Lower & Upper Primary, and Lower & Upper Secondary
  • Britannica School.
  • Britannica ImageQuest.
  • Britannica Launchpacks.
  • Britannica Original Sources.
  • LexisNexis Academic: A tool for academic research.
  • Lexis Diligence: A tool for critical business intelligence.
  • LexisNexis Company Dossier: A business development tool.
  • LexisNexis Newsdesk: A media-monitoring and analytics solution.
  • LexisNexis Total Patent: A comprehensive online tool for patent data.
  • Digital content solutions for Educators and Publishers.
  • Searching, accessing, aggregating, and transforming content.
  • News aggregation and streaming tool.
  • Connecting People Through News.
  • PressReader connects you to the world’s best newspapers and magazines to millions of readers the way they want to receive them — in print, online, or on their mobile device, tablet or eReader — wherever they live, travel, work or play.
  • News aggregation and streaming tool.
  • Learning Management System
  • Virtual Learning Environment
  • Pronunciation Tools
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Bespoke 2D / 3D content development in HTML5
  • SCORM formats

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